How to Get a Girl to Like You

Just nod your head if this story sounds familiar to you, and don’t worry, this isn’t going to some crazy story that will knock you off your seats. But pay close attention as I’ll review the secret to how to get a girl to like you after.
Once upon a time, there was there was a boy who was young and lively. One day during school he met the most beautiful and the cutest girl he has ever saw in his life, and instantly he felt his heart pounding against his chest and he knew that he was very attracted to her. So he got up his nerves and said hi to her and they become very good friends.

They would do everything together as friends and the boy would treats her very nice and never made her mad. And as time passes, and the more he got to know her the deeper his attraction grew for her. He didn’t want to «just be her friend» he wanted more, but he was too scared and insecure to tell her how he really felt about her because he couldn’t tell whether she felt the same way towards him.

So this when on and they got closer and closer as friends. But, one day right after school as the boy waits for the girl to walk home together as they usually do something terrible happened. The girl walked out of her class with her arms wrapped around another guy, and they were laughing and kissing each other.

And when the boy saw the girl that he was deeply attracted with another guy he was crushed, and his heart shuttered. He went home along that day feeling hurt, confused, and thinking trying to figure out why the girl didn’t like him.

The End…

So what’s the point of this story, and how does it related to learning How to Get a Girl to Like You?

You might be thinking at this point that the boy in the story is me, well… his not I just made up the story. HOWEVER, I did personally experience something similar, a variation of the story, and I’m sure almost every guy has experience something similar as our protagonist «the boy» in the story.

You know… you are deeply attracted to a girl, but she only think of you as «JUST FRIEND». Or worse, she doesn’t even know that you exist. And now you’re here reading this article about how to get the girl to like you.

Ironically the question «how to get a girl to like you» is exactly why most guys end up being alone and single. And almost every single guy has made this same mistake that our protagonist «the boy» has made in the story.

And the big mistake that «the boy» made is that he tried to ‘GET’ the girl to like him by being nice, treating her well, and giving her all the attention. That’s doesn’t work!

You see… «the boy» clueless as he is didn’t understand that «WOMEN DON’T MAKE SENSE»,  they don’t logically choice who they «like» or are attracted to. So you cannot logically convince them to like you. What he should have done instead is to learn the skills that create attraction in a woman, and make her chase him.

This is exactly why most guys when they are trying to figure out how to get a girl to like them end up being single and alone. Because they don’t understand that in order for a girl to have a sexual relationship with you (not just a FRIENDSHIP) they must feel attraction towards you FIRST.
ATTRACTION is not logical, you cannot choice to be attracted to someone, and it is SUBCONSCIOUS. So if you really want to «get» a girl to like you, what you should do is instead is to learn the skills and techniques that will triggers this special emotion called ATTRACTION in women.

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