How to Make Women Laugh

Fact: Women love funny men. If you’re not tall, handsome, or loaded with cash it doesn’t matter! Well, as long as you know how to make women laugh. From my experience if you can make a women laugh upon first meeting or approaching her, she will open right up to you, and that’s half of your work done.

But not ever guy can just walk up to a hot girl and make her burst in to tears, in fact most guys can’t. So if you’re not naturally funny can you learn to become more humorous? Personally I believe so, and I have seen many guys who have done it. But the problem is that most guys usually end up taking the wrong approach when it comes to learning how to make women laugh.

Personally, I’m a pretty funny guy naturally.

I joke around with my friend, and pretty much everyone that I meet. And for some reason I guess most women like my type of humor, so I didn’t have to go all out and trying to be funny.

But the weird thing is, that I’m not really funny around my parents, in fact I go out of my way to not joke around with them, but a good friend of mine on the other hand is always joking a laughing with his parents. I guess I’m just not that use to joking around with my parents, and it make me feel weird to do so all of a sudden.

That brings us to the first point of making women laugh is that you must be comfortable with it, you have to be comfortable being around women in a humorous fun way. And there is not short cut to accomplishing this other than doing it with every woman you meet, and not just the one you are attracted to.

The second thing is women don’t really care about the actual lines and words that are coming out of your mouth; they care more about your «comedy» character. I first stumble upon this idea from the book Comedy Writing Secrets by Melvin Hlitzer which was recommend by David DeAngelo the author of Double Your Dating.

What this all mean is that what most guys do when they are trying to learn how to make women laugh is they try to work on ‘jokes’, and memorize clever lines, which doesn’t work because it doesn’t suit their character.
For example: I’m a little bit sarcastic, I like witty situational jokes that have double meanings. So I often hear really funny lines from T. V shows like Seinfeld or Friends I would use them when THE SITUATION IS RIGHT and they would work like a charm for me. Why? Because I make these line a part of who I am, and a part of my character.

The first and most important reason why I use these lines is because I LIKE THEM, and I ENJOY using them. I’m not out there to try and make her laugh, I’m just trying to have some fun, and I would use the same lines with my friends that I would use with any girls I meet.

Also look at comedians, Christ Rock is very different then Jerry Seinfeld, who is very different then Adam Sandler. Every comedian has their own style and their own character that makes them funny, so you must find your own character that suits you.

Finally one last thing about knowing how to make women laugh is that not every woman will like your sense of humor. Actually, there are some women are not funny at ALL. I don’t want to point fingers, but I have met girls who are so serious that I would pay a million dollars just to see them laugh.

And these are the same girls who would never make a joke either.

They are extremely sensitive, and usually think that you’re making fun of her, and often they usually have a low self-esteem. Personally I don’t like to have girls who are way too serious all the time in my life, it doesn’t matter how hot they are. But you might, and I’m not here to judge.

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